Long Live the Touchscreen?

This headline caught my attention the other day: Pebble [smart watch] is dead and hardware buttons are going with it: The future is all touchscreen, for better or for worse Eh not so fast. Sure, it's true that touchscreens are the status quo for interface design. But as with anything status quo, the players that are … Continue reading Long Live the Touchscreen?


Inventor Spotlight: Sabine Seymour/SUPA

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFAN3s8bL1k&app=desktop Dr. Sabine Seymour is the Founder & CEO of SUPA. SUPA designs a modular system of trims (like zippers) that performance apparel companies can integrate into their product line to give it sensing and data tracking capability. Wanna make an impact? Design modular systems with emerging technologies for companies that already have distribution. Seymour is also the … Continue reading Inventor Spotlight: Sabine Seymour/SUPA

Ithaca is a Maker City

This past weekend I was invited to share stories about my city, Ithaca, NY, on a panel at World Makerfaire in Queens. The panel was moderated by Peter Hirschberg, a well known urban innovator and co-author of the new book Maker City: Urban Manufacturing and Economic Renewal in American Cities. Hirschberg co-wrote the book with founder … Continue reading Ithaca is a Maker City

Making Light – Made in USA is alive in The White House and in Ithaca

Earlier this month we traveled to The White House Office of Science and Technology to take part in a special kick-off event to National Maker Faire. We were thrilled by a panel focused on connecting makers with US Manufacturers. The panel was facilitated by JJ Raynor, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and … Continue reading Making Light – Made in USA is alive in The White House and in Ithaca

From Maker to Manufacture – we speak for the trees!

This summer Jenn C and I are taking a prototype that we made at Ithaca Generator makerspace and developing it for local manufacture and distribution at Rev Ithaca Startup Works in their Hardware Accelerator Program. What's a Hardware Accelerator Program you ask? It's like an arts fellowship for product developers. The program offers space, support, materials, and knowledge so that … Continue reading From Maker to Manufacture – we speak for the trees!

3D Printing – what’s the big deal?

this post first appeared at IthacaGenerator.org It’s likely that you’ve heard of 3D Printing by now. But for some, the technology still seems mysterious. You may have questions like, “What exactly is 3D Printing” or “Why does 3D Printing matter?” Below are some answers. HOW THE TECHNOLOGY WORKS. 3D Printing is kind of like a … Continue reading 3D Printing – what’s the big deal?

Today’s DIY is Tomorrow’s Made in America

Last week The White House hosted its first ever Maker Faire, a celebration of individuals and groups of people who work on DIY projects. The title of this post is a quote from the president at the event. It couldn't be more right on. from The White House web site: America has always been a … Continue reading Today’s DIY is Tomorrow’s Made in America

Crafted Products

There will come a time when it will no longer make sense to mass manufacture and ship products all over the globe. This will happen when the convenience and low cost of tools and components for making products in small local factories wins out over the economic and environmental costs of shipping to and from … Continue reading Crafted Products