On Scaling

Technology scales. That's why people get so excited about it. If you have one gadget that does one thing faster and better, the very nature of technology makes it easy for you to replicate that gadget and, in no time at all, you'll have a million gadgets doing a million things faster and better. Scaling … Continue reading On Scaling


Artists Invent New Tools

Now that we have the ability to add interactivity and computation to just about anything, we need new tools that work on just about anything--any material, any surface, any environment. Bare Conductive is a UK based company that makes conductive paint. Not only do they make and sell this paint, but they have designed some … Continue reading Artists Invent New Tools

Realtime and Historical Data

When sensors and microcontrollers and cloud connectivity become cheap, they will be in every product and system that you can imagine. They will be generating data. Sometimes it will be customer facing, sometimes it won't be. Either way, it's important to think about user experiences with data in time and space. Important questions should be … Continue reading Realtime and Historical Data

Features, Benefits, Assumptions, and Tradeoffs

When you design a product or system for a customer, you are designing an experience for them. So it's important to think about the relationship between the features that you choose and how they affect your customer's experience. Let's take a food processor. And let's say that the feature that the design team is discussing … Continue reading Features, Benefits, Assumptions, and Tradeoffs

Long Live the Touchscreen?

This headline caught my attention the other day: Pebble [smart watch] is dead and hardware buttons are going with it: The future is all touchscreen, for better or for worse Eh not so fast. Sure, it's true that touchscreens are the status quo for interface design. But as with anything status quo, the players that are … Continue reading Long Live the Touchscreen?

The Tools for Co-Creation and Open Innovation

In 21st-century design manifestos, the terms "co-creation" and "open innovation" abound. Co-creation is the phenomenon of designers designing new products, services, and systems with users and not for users. Open Innovation is the belief that the next big thing could be invented by anyone, from any walk of life, with any level of education. Tools … Continue reading The Tools for Co-Creation and Open Innovation

Inventor Spotlight: Sabine Seymour/SUPA

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFAN3s8bL1k&app=desktop Dr. Sabine Seymour is the Founder & CEO of SUPA. SUPA designs a modular system of trims (like zippers) that performance apparel companies can integrate into their product line to give it sensing and data tracking capability. Wanna make an impact? Design modular systems with emerging technologies for companies that already have distribution. Seymour is also the … Continue reading Inventor Spotlight: Sabine Seymour/SUPA

From Objects to Systems

One of the transitions that inventors are going through is a transition from designing the one-and-done, disposable, standalone objects of the 20th century to designing smart objects that communicate with complex systems in time and space. The inventors and companies that will rise to the top of this new, competitive landscape will be the inventors … Continue reading From Objects to Systems

Use Off-the-Shelf Parts for Early Prototypes

for inventors of smart devices and systems Once you have an idea for a smart device or system and an understanding of the needs of your customers as well as the features and benefits that your competition provides, you need to do some prototyping. Your first prototypes are for internal use with your team. You want … Continue reading Use Off-the-Shelf Parts for Early Prototypes