Long Live the Touchscreen?

This headline caught my attention the other day: Pebble [smart watch] is dead and hardware buttons are going with it: The future is all touchscreen, for better or for worse Eh not so fast. Sure, it's true that touchscreens are the status quo for interface design. But as with anything status quo, the players that are … Continue reading Long Live the Touchscreen?


Habits of Systems Thinkers

If you think that the status quo can be changed over time, then you have to be a systems thinker. System thinkers have specific habits and ways of understanding and interacting with the world that helps them identify where to intervene in a system in order to change it. If you were lucky enough to … Continue reading Habits of Systems Thinkers

Inventor Spotlight: Sabine Seymour/SUPA

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFAN3s8bL1k&app=desktop Dr. Sabine Seymour is the Founder & CEO of SUPA. SUPA designs a modular system of trims (like zippers) that performance apparel companies can integrate into their product line to give it sensing and data tracking capability. Wanna make an impact? Design modular systems with emerging technologies for companies that already have distribution. Seymour is also the … Continue reading Inventor Spotlight: Sabine Seymour/SUPA

Independence and Collectivism

If inventors are to move from designing objects to designing systems (see yesterday's post), then we need to explore the spectrum of thinking between the individualist perspective and a collective perspective. In the West, we are known for our rugged individualism. It's a good thing in that it's the drive that inspires us to fight for human … Continue reading Independence and Collectivism

From Objects to Systems

One of the transitions that inventors are going through is a transition from designing the one-and-done, disposable, standalone objects of the 20th century to designing smart objects that communicate with complex systems in time and space. The inventors and companies that will rise to the top of this new, competitive landscape will be the inventors … Continue reading From Objects to Systems

Dieter Rams and Durability

The work of modernist designer Dieter Rams is the inspiration for many products today most notably Apple products. The modernists strove for "timelessness" in their designs so it comes as no surprise that Rams's visuals hold up. But for Rams and his contemporaries, timelessness was more than just a look. It was about durability. They believed in high-quality products … Continue reading Dieter Rams and Durability