Inventor Spotlight: Jie Qi

Circuit Sticker Sketchbook from Jie Qi on Vimeo Jie Qi is the co-founder of a digital-paper-circuits company called Chibitronics. She's also a Berkman Fellow and an alumn of the Hi-Lo Tech Lab at MIT. In the video above, Qi demonstrates the analog precursor to Chibitronics with her Circuit Sticker Sketchbook. It's a delightful workbook and equally delightful demo video. And … Continue reading Inventor Spotlight: Jie Qi


On Luck

I used to think that the phrase "The harder I work, the luckier I get" was a clever thing to say. Or "Luck favors the prepared mind." But now I'm not so sure. I understand the sentiment of these quotes. You increase your chances of getting lucky the more you put yourself out there. "You've … Continue reading On Luck

From Customer Insights to Product Features

There's a gap in the process that companies use to do product development. Strategic product development emerges from good customer research. The gap occurs because, in many companies, customer research is done by the marketing team. This seems like a great fit because the marketing team has excellent people skills. But there's a problem with outsourcing … Continue reading From Customer Insights to Product Features

Artists Know What They Want Their Audience to Feel

Yesterday my partner and I saw a play by poet and playwright Lenelle Moïse titled K-I-S-S-I-N-G. It was a wonderful experience. The playwright and her actors, through her writing, direction, and their performance, artfully integrated meaning and gravity with sweetness and hope. My partner and I marveled at how much work and talent it takes to … Continue reading Artists Know What They Want Their Audience to Feel

Pitching With Empathy

Artists and Inventors spend a good amount of time crafting pitches--short descriptions of something they are working on that includes how that thing addresses a problem for a specific audience or customer. Each pitch should end with asking the listener for something specific that will help move the thing forward. This can be an ask for … Continue reading Pitching With Empathy