Design for Participation

A few years ago I was working on a game that promoted conversational turn-taking. The project was a big failure in that I managed it poorly and the team didn't really know how to work together. Ironic considering the object of the game. That said, the concept was pretty neat. The game was based on a … Continue reading Design for Participation


You Belong at a Hackathon

From two recent conversations I've had with Engineering students, I've come to suspect that they think hackathons are only for Computer Science students. This is a problem for a few reasons that I'll list out here: With the rise of sensors and big data, engineers are now required to code. So they had might as … Continue reading You Belong at a Hackathon

A Growth Mindset: Work Smart, Not Hard?

In 2006, Stanford Psychology Professor Carol Dweck published the first edition of her book, Mindset: A New Psychology for Success. In the book, she defines two types of mindsets: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Dweck describes a fixed mindset as, "students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits. They have a certain … Continue reading A Growth Mindset: Work Smart, Not Hard?

Engineering, Social Science, and Design

Design is multi-disciplinary. The best design firms employ staff from an array of disciplines and have them work together on projects. Each discipline brings its own expertise and distinguishing them can be confusing. Here's a simple description from the late CMU Industrial Design Professor, Bob Lepper: If it has to do with the relationships between things … Continue reading Engineering, Social Science, and Design

The Tools for Co-Creation and Open Innovation

In 21st-century design manifestos, the terms "co-creation" and "open innovation" abound. Co-creation is the phenomenon of designers designing new products, services, and systems with users and not for users. Open Innovation is the belief that the next big thing could be invented by anyone, from any walk of life, with any level of education. Tools … Continue reading The Tools for Co-Creation and Open Innovation

A Hidden Dragon Walks into my Office

This is a piece I drafted three years ago when I was teaching in the communications school at Ithaca College.  A Hidden Dragon walks into my office in the second to last week of class. "Hidden Dragon" is a term I came up with to describe a team member who is smart and talented but soft-spoken. An unfortunate … Continue reading A Hidden Dragon Walks into my Office