Inventor Spotlight: Jie Qi

Circuit Sticker Sketchbook from Jie Qi on Vimeo Jie Qi is the co-founder of a digital-paper-circuits company called Chibitronics. She's also a Berkman Fellow and an alumn of the Hi-Lo Tech Lab at MIT. In the video above, Qi demonstrates the analog precursor to Chibitronics with her Circuit Sticker Sketchbook. It's a delightful workbook and equally delightful demo video. And … Continue reading Inventor Spotlight: Jie Qi


Women-Focused Venture Capital

In response to the uneven distribution of venture capital to female founders, women are forming their own funds to invest in female entrepreneurs. There are 30 female-focused funds/resources listed in this article here: 30 Angel Groups for Women And 3 more here including Ithaca's very own Chloe Capital: 3 Funds Challenging VC Gender Dynamics Onward!    

Long Live the Touchscreen?

This headline caught my attention the other day: Pebble [smart watch] is dead and hardware buttons are going with it: The future is all touchscreen, for better or for worse Eh not so fast. Sure, it's true that touchscreens are the status quo for interface design. But as with anything status quo, the players that are … Continue reading Long Live the Touchscreen?

Inventor Spotlight: Sabine Seymour/SUPA Dr. Sabine Seymour is the Founder & CEO of SUPA. SUPA designs a modular system of trims (like zippers) that performance apparel companies can integrate into their product line to give it sensing and data tracking capability. Wanna make an impact? Design modular systems with emerging technologies for companies that already have distribution. Seymour is also the … Continue reading Inventor Spotlight: Sabine Seymour/SUPA