Are You a Strategic Thinker?

The answer depends on who you ask. If you share your strategic ideas with people who genuinely enjoy strategy, then the answer is yes and interesting conversation will ensue. But if you ask people who think strategy can only be talked about by the people who have permission to, then you might be out of luck. By these folks, you are less likely to be described as a strategic thinker and more likely to be described as someone who doesn’t know their place. That latter description has negative consequences.



If you’re the boss, when people around you bring up strategic ideas, encourage them to go deeper. If going deeper yields interesting results, encourage them to share their ideas.

If you have good ideas but don’t feel you have the opportunity to be heard, carry on. You’re ideas will most likely apply to future scenarios. Write them down and keep them in your back pocket til the time is right.

Roger Martin, How Strategy Really Works