Amplified Materials

Amplified Rebar from Brad Nath on Vimeo.

Today’s the first day of class for my Maker Lab at IC. Last week I sent out a note to the registered students asking them to share work that they like by other makers. One student linked to Brad Nath’s vimeo page. I’d not seen his work before, but I totally dig it.

Nath amplifies materials like concrete and rebar and invites us to play with them. To amplify. What a concept.

I have a friend who is a soundscape ecologist: she puts mics on natural ecosystems to monitor their health. Very cool.

I have another friend who holds microphones up to prisoners and their families and tells their stories on the radio. What a gesture.

And then there are some things that are amplified that should be dialed down, like 45’s twitter feed.

But given the equipment, what or who would you choose to amplify? And why?