Think Big. Start Small.

Having a new idea is both thrilling and overwhelming. It’s thrilling because you’ve finally found something that addresses a problem that you care deeply about. But it’s overwhelming because once you start to think about executing the idea, it’s hard to know where to begin. And that feeling of not knowing where to start can stop you from making any progress at all.

While your idea is big and has the potential to change the world, the best way to start is to start small. Find three people who care about the problem you are solving. Take them out for coffee. And rather than try to sell them your idea, ask them to complain. Ask them to complain about how the problem that you are exploring affects their life and the lives of people that they know. And don’t be satisfied with their first answer. Ask them to dig deep. Questions like, “Can you tell me more about that?” or “What makes you say that?” will give you answers that are chock full of useful information about your customers.

And when they are finally done complaining, ask them who else they know who you might talk to. And take those people out for coffee. And ask them to complain to you about the problem you are exploring. That’s how you find and build your tribe. One cup of coffee at a time.