Artist Spotlight: Julie Taymor

The Magic Flute at The Metropolitan Opera

Julie Taymor is a director of theater, opera, and film and known for her spectacular costume and stage design.  Taymor became interested in theater at an early age. In high school, she traveled to Aisa. After high school, she studied mime and puppetry in Paris. After college, she visited Bali and founded her own theater company there. She came back to the states in 1980 and worked on many productions. Then in the mid-nineties created The Lion King, one of her best-known works. Taymor has directed incredible films like Frida and Across the Universe. Her work spans media and is multi-dimensional. It’s painterly, sculptural, high tech and low tech. What an inspiration.


2013 TED Talk

Interview w Taymor in The Guardian, 2015