Artists Know What They Want Their Audience to Feel

Yesterday my partner and I saw a play by poet and playwright Lenelle Moïse titled K-I-S-S-I-N-G. It was a wonderful experience. The playwright and her actors, through her writing, direction, and their performance, artfully integrated meaning and gravity with sweetness and hope. My partner and I marveled at how much work and talent it takes to pull that off.

I was further delighted by this interview that I found this morning in which Moïse describes what she hopes her audience will feel. She uses the exact words we used as we were talking about the play on the ride home!

Great artists can do that. And leaders too. They can imagine and articulate what the end looks like, the desired outcome. And then use that articulation as a compass while they hash out the work. If you are clear about the big idea that you are going for,  the details will come.