Artists and Inventors Give Gifts 

white oak copy

I’m introducing a new kind of post today: printables. It’ll be a weekly post with a little gift for you to print and keep or give to someone else.

I love sending cards in the mail and I love taking pictures. So I’m combining these two things and laying out some of my pictures onto cards.

I’ll share these files with you as I make them. The first one is here: 1feb2018 xanthm.pdf

A few production tips

  • PRINTING. Use cardstock to print these out and make sure the print settings are set to “actual size.”
  • CUTTING. I included a little mark halfway down the page so that you know where to cut. The best way to cut this in half is with a metal straight edge and an x-acto knife.
  • FOLDING. The best way to fold these is to line up the corners, then use a long flat edge, like the side of a marker, to make the crease.
  • MAILING. You’ll need some envelopes. Something like this should do the trick.

Happy snail mailing. Enjoy!