More Love

I saw a parenting tip go by the other day that caught my attention. It was something like, “When your kid gets home from school, rather than asking them, What did you learn today? just tell them, I’m so glad that you are home!”

I’m not a parent. But I appreciate and even seek out parenting advice because it often applies to other relationships, both at home and at work. What I enjoy about the advice above is that it prioritizes love and connection. I’m so glad that your home! I mean, who doesn’t want to hear that? Who doesn’t feel cared about and heard and seen when they hear those words. What a great thing.

We need more love. We need less criticism. We need less snark. We need more love. We need less posturing. We need less competition. We need more love. We need less I’m right and you’re wrong. We need less bullsh*t. We need more love.

What habit or behavior might you shift at home or at work to put more love out there in the world? Start with a small change and observe how it makes a difference.