You Belong at a Hackathon

From two recent conversations I’ve had with Engineering students, I’ve come to suspect that they think hackathons are only for Computer Science students. This is a problem for a few reasons that I’ll list out here:

  • With the rise of sensors and big data, engineers are now required to code. So they had might as well get good at it. Hackathons are a rich informal learning environment for this
  • Hackathons build confidence. Conceiving an idea and building a prototype of it in 24-48 hours is worthy accomplishment
  • Hackathons are a great place to meet and work with people outside of your discipline. They encourage silo-busting
  • Many great solutions to problems emerge from hackathons. And we need a diverse set of people participating in this problem solving
  • Hackathons often put you on the path to bigger and better things: entrepreneurship, grants, competitions, accelerators

So the next time you hear about a hackathon with a cool theme, Push through the habitual response of, “That’s for other people and not for me.” If you can code, even at a beginner level, then you ought to try it out.


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