When you have all of the pieces but you don’t know how they fit

If you are a person who makes things, you’ve experienced this phenomenon quite a bit. Like when you go to the grocery store and pick up a bunch of tasty ingredients but don’t yet know what you’ll do with them. Or when you’re working on a proposal and you gather all of the data you need to support your argument, but you don’t yet know how the argument is structured. It’s a beautiful place to be–you have all of the pieces! And it’s also daunting–how the heck do they fit together?!

Yet if you are a person who makes things, this is a state that you experience a lot. It’s a place that you get stuck in. And it can feel brand new everytime you’re there. You forget that you’ve been there before and you forget that, somehow, you made a breakthrough and pushed through it.

How do you make a breakthrough? It’s simple really. When you are in that place that you feel stuck, stay with it. Don’t abandon it because it feels hard or impossible. Sit with the discomfort and eventually the pieces that you’ve gathered will come together. It sounds like magic, but it’s really just patience.