“Less is Almost Always More”


I adore these photo montages from Berliner artist, Isabel Reitemeyer. When I contacted the artist for permission to reprint her work, I asked her if there was anything she’d like to promote. She replied simply, “When it comes to my art, less is almost always more.”


This principle of ‘less is more’ applies to so many objects and systems. Posters, emails, products, conferences. When inventing and creating, we must resist the urge to cram it all in. Instead, ask yourself, “What features can I strip away? And how does that stripping away make what remains more clear?”

Because we don’t want clutter. We want clarity. Clutter is a Victorian-era design principle. And we are past that, aren’t we?

Isabel Reitemeyer’s website: http://www.isabel-reitemeyer.com/

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