We’ve Been Nothing But Lucky

David Letterman has a new special on Netflix – an interview with President Obama. The interview is about an hour long and covers a range of topics peppered with jokes from both Dave and the President. But the note that the interview ends on is the note that I love best. The two are thanking each other for the hour and Obama chimes in with a question for Dave, ‘You know Dave, don’t you think we’ve been so lucky?’ and Dave agrees, ‘Yes, I know that I’ve been nothing but lucky.’

And I know that I’ve been nothing but lucky. Yes, I’ve had challenges and yes, there has been, and there will be pain. That’s all a part of it. But I know I’ve been lucky because I wake up every morning, every morning, thinking about how I can help other people be lucky. How can I help people discover pathways that they thought were for other people and not for them? How can I help people stay on those pathways through the ups and downs so that they stay on long enough to get somewhere beyond what they ever imagined for themselves? How can we help people be luckier? Because good luck begets good luck. For ourselves and for the people that we are free to encourage and mentor and cheer on.


Bonus material

If you missed this video of a woman walking into a room of friends and bursting out in song, have a listen: “I’ll always be grateful”