Image Libraries


As a designer, I spend a good amount of time curating images for my own image library. For original images I use google photo. For other people’s work I use pinterest. What I like about both of these platforms–google photo and pinterest– is that they allow me to organize and file images into albums. In google photos, my organization is mostly time-based as I call on my temporal memory to search for “this visit to that museum” or “this trip to that landscape.” On pinterest, however, I organize my images mostly by material or process. I have folders called “stoneware and pottery” or “wood and basketry” or “collage and montage” and this system works for me. Both of these platforms have social features, but I don’t use them much. Well, that’s a lie – pinterest’s content is user generated. So that’s social. But likes and comments are not a part of my experience on these platforms and I like it that way.

Do you keep an image library? If so, what’s your recipe and why?

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