Artists Help Us See the Future

These days there’s a lot of talk about STEAM in education. STEAM is a spinoff of the term STEM which stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.” The A in STEAM stands for “Art.”

Why is it important to explore Art within STEM? Because time and time again, artists have helped us envision the future. Syd Mead created futuristic concept drawings for Ford Motor company in the 1960s. Susan Kare designed visual icons that helped us navigate the personal computer in the 1980s. Today, artists like Jessica Rosenkrantz help us push the bounds of 3D printing and Lauren McCarthy, the bounds of smart technology. Time and time again, artists help us imagine the future which begs the question: Why are so many artists starving? Do we value them as we should? Can we do more to help them lead?

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