Simple Joys

I had planned to write something profound this morning, it being New Year’s Eve and all. But we have my friend and her little girl staying with us so I’m not in my usual writing chair, my dog is on my lap (because our guests are sleeping on “her” couch), and I’m finding it hard to concentrate on anything too intellectual.

But I’m so grateful that our friends are visiting. We went out for bowling and dinner last night and had such a good time. And I’m so glad that our little old dog is still with us even though she is starting to get heavy here on my lap. And I’m so glad that my husband is snoring loudly in the next room – a healthy snore!

Tomorrow I’ll get back to writing something intellectual. But for now, I just want to enjoy this quiet home, full of sleeping people and creatures that I love. And I hope that you have love in your life whether in your home, in the community work that you do, or in the kindness that you show to yourself.

2018, here we come.

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