Music and its Devices

The other day my husband asked me to help him figure out how to play music on his phone. He was trying to use iTunes. About ten years ago we were both iTunes users. But in the past few years, I’ve switched to streaming services, landing on Spotify. I spent about an hour trying to remember/navigate iTunes for him, gave up, then upgraded my streaming service to a family plan. I gave my husband a 1-minute tour of Spotify and he was on his way. As I watched him browsing for music and creating playlists, I remembered how Apple was a leader with the iTunes ecosystem (remember those celebrity playlists?). But Apple didn’t keep up as the market shifted from digital downloads to streaming. Perhaps they have other fish to fry.

Thomas Edison invented the record player but never thought it would be used for music. It took another inventor, Eldridge Johnson, to invent the music industry. As inventors, when we are close to a technology, it can be really hard to see.

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