Connecting people with the Internet of Things

This piece first appeared on Women 2.0 / Medium I’m a classically trained designer. That is to say, most of my design education was based in the Bauhaus tradition which is focused on the visual. I spent endless studio hours doing exercises in color, form, line, shape, mass, balance, and harmony. I value my classical … Continue reading Connecting people with the Internet of Things


In Hardware, Usability is Key

Four examples of hardware entrepreneurs and inventors that prioritize usability: 1. Leah Buechley celebrates 10 years of her invention the Lilypad Arduino, an affordable, easy-to-use electronics platform for prototyping wearable technology. image via   2. Hardware startup Moxxly is acquired to redesign the breast pump experience image via   3. The Bare Conductive team makes tools … Continue reading In Hardware, Usability is Key