“We’re all designers now…

...so we might as well get good at it." This is the opening line to chapter four in Chris Anderson's book Makers: The Next Industrial Revolution. Okay, I buy it. But just how do we get good at design? C. A. says that we need to learn to use software and hardware of the maker revolution. … Continue reading “We’re all designers now…


Jazz and Robots

Jazz guitarist and composer Pat Metheny took inspiration from his grandfather's player piano and had an entire robotic band built, then took it out on tour. Incredible.

Beginner’s Mind and Clarity

There's a concept in Buddhism that's often borrowed by folks who teach creativity. It's called "The Beginner's Mind." Adopting a beginner's mind about a subject or project is supposed to allow us to be open to many more possibilities than if we approach the project as an expert. This past week I found another great … Continue reading Beginner’s Mind and Clarity