Work “Back and Forth”

When I was developing design concepts in grad school, my advisor David Morgan encouraged me to work “back and forth” between drawing and building physical models. The big challenge in creativity is to stay fluid, to not get stuck or hung up on one idea. Moving back and forth between 2D drawing and 3D building encourages fluidity. Continue reading “Work “Back and Forth””

Games that Promote Sharing


Im taking a board game design class at Ithaca Generator these days. I’m using the opportunity to explore concepts from my sustainability research, stuff that I normally read and write about.

The prototype here is for a cooperative game called “Grow.” The setting for the game is a Community Supported Farm. In the game there are six players – three farmers and three members (though in reality the ratio is more like 1 farmer to 75 members). The objective of the game is to harness the trust built into this network to exchange value. The meta objective is to inspire players to do this in real life. Continue reading “Games that Promote Sharing”