Repost: Simple steps for encouraging participation

NOTE: If you are able to read and listen to music at the same time -- I cannot -- then I suggest playing this video while you read. The music is quite good. We gave our SxSW panel on women in open source [in March 2012]. It was fun. I’ve really enjoyed talking with Red … Continue reading Repost: Simple steps for encouraging participation


The Value of Play

I just finished teaching a toy design course at Ithaca Youth Bureau. The class was small, just three boys, so I decided to teach it as an open studio. We started off with a discussion on "What is Good Design?" From there I gave the boys materials and they started making stuff. Several times throughout … Continue reading The Value of Play

Beyond Out-of-Phase

I've been thinking a lot lately about the cascade effects of mass production.  The unintended consequences that happen when you mass produce and distribute stuff. Some artists capture this theme extremely well. Charles Sheeler, whose painting titled "Water" is pictured above, was commissioned to paint American factories in the early 20th century. His paintings position the buildings … Continue reading Beyond Out-of-Phase