Multiple Uses for Existing Stuff


A great way to make better stuff is to find new uses for existing stuff. SVA’s Products of Design Program is finding a new use for their studio. For the second year in a row, they’re renting desk space for the summer. It’s great for the program as a way to generate revenue and its great for creatives who don’t want or need a permanent presence in Manhattan but would benefit from being there a few months in summer. Most of all, it’s great for both parties in that they expand their creative networks.

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Art and design students are trained in formal design elements that include color, value, texture, pattern, proportion, scale, and so on. The elements are guidelines for making stuff that is cohesive. This artist photographs mundane objects in tiny architectural models that he builds. He’s manipulating scale and the result is fantastic.

Check out more work from Peter Chrisostomou here

Braided Roving Rugs


I haven’t tried this but would love to. These rugs are made from roving which is combed wool. It’s the stuff you use to make yarn on a spindle. It’s a luscious material and you can find it in huge bolts for reasonable prices if you look around (ask a sheep farmer if you know one). This rug is way better than the cheap ones that, I admit, I have in my home at present!

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Pioneers lead …

I heard a great expression this past weekend: “Pioneers lead with arrows in their backs.” This is relevant to making better stuff because when we make better stuff, we make new and different stuff. And different stuff is met with a lot of resistance, some of it in the form of arrows.

For an interesting take on pioneers by entrepreneur and educator Steve Blank, click here