Multiple Uses for Existing Stuff

A great way to make better stuff is to find new uses for existing stuff. SVA's Products of Design Program is finding a new use for their studio. For the second year in a row, they're renting desk space for the summer. It's great for the program as a way to generate revenue and its … Continue reading Multiple Uses for Existing Stuff


The True Cost of Cheap Stuff

Over 300 workers die in factory collapse.  This is one of those sad posts that I mention on the about page. Over 300 new reasons to make better stuff. update: Worker rescued 17 days after collapse. Over 1000 dead. here


Art and design students are trained in formal design elements that include color, value, texture, pattern, proportion, scale, and so on. The elements are guidelines for making stuff that is cohesive. This artist photographs mundane objects in tiny architectural models that he builds. He's manipulating scale and the result is fantastic. Check out more work from … Continue reading Scale