We are in a new age of invention. The tools for creating and sharing art and design are more accessible than ever. This accessibility is exciting because the group of people who can identify and be seen as artists and inventors is more diverse than it’s ever been. This diversity is important because we face complex social, economic, and environmental issues, and we need artists and inventors with diverse points of view to solve these issues. So here we are in the 21st century: we’ve got kids that code, moms with 3D printers, retirees writing how-to blogs. They’re fired up and ready to go.

Art & Invention is a place to explore ideas about creativity, diversity, collaboration, and resilience. It’s a place to talk about challenges and how to push through them. It’s a place to celebrate artists and inventors who are doing thoughtful and playful things with their work. Finally, Art & Invention is a place to inspire you to pick up a pencil or a saw or a keyboard or a mallet and create and it’s a place that encourages you to share what you’ve made. Today is the day.

With love,




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Xanthe Matychak is a multi-media artist and educator and a business and technology mentor. She has shared her work at SxSW Interactive, MIT Fab Foundation, The White House OSTP, World Makerfaire, and Sabic Academy in Riyadh. She lives in Ithaca, NY.

xanthe dot matychak at gmail dot com



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