We are in a new age of invention. The tools for creating tech-driven art and design are more accessible than ever. We no longer need access to industrial scale factories or require a high level of technical expertise to create and share tech-driven work. 

However, precedence is a powerful thing. If we aren’t careful, we may repeat the mistakes of the previous invention age that was led by a small and homogenous group of inventors. They made some great stuff. But they also helped set some problematic systems in motion.

Art & Invention is a place to inspire a new age of invention, to celebrate the diversity of artists and inventors doing thoughtful and playful things with technology. It’s a place to explore new ideas about making and sharing creative work and to analyze old ideas. Finally, it’s a place to inspire you, yes you, to pick up a pencil or a saw or a computer mouse or a soldering iron and create and share something beautiful and meaningful. The world needs you to do that. Today is the day.

With love,




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Xanthe Matychak is a multi-media artist and educator and a business and technology mentor. She has shared her work at SxSW Interactive, MIT Fab Foundation, The White House OSTP, World Makerfaire, and Sabic Academy in Riyadh. She lives in Ithaca, NY.



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